Our Services

Our Services

Recharge & Get Paid’s products and services

Recharge & Get Paid’s key mission is to provide a safe and entertaining way of charging your phone while earning a passive income. Let us help you generate your cash flow and become financially free without having to work all night long! All you have to do is to let your phone charge normally. Take a look at the products and services that we offer by reading below:

Payment platform

By paying our users through PayPal, Recharge & Get Paid is now a reliable payment platform where you can convert your points into cash every 15 days. All you have to do is to charge your phone and let video and image ads display on your screen. For every ad displayed, we will give out points!

Ad displays

For users, you do not have to watch the ads being displayed on the screen. You can just let your phone charge and do other necessary things that you have to do. This is why Recharge & Get Paid gives a great opportunity for its users to multitask and earn passive income without having to exert too much effort!

If you are an advertiser who wants your ads to be displayed via Recharge & Get Paid, please contact us! You can reach out to us by filling out the form located on our contact page. Do not forget to include your company or full name as well as an active contact detail where we can get back to you. 

Mobile app

Recharge & Get Paid also has a mobile app so you can track your points easily. Our app can be downloaded both on App Store and Play Store. Thus, you can use our service even if you are an Android or iPhone user. The app is completely free of charge! 

Once you open the Recharge & Get Paid app, you will automatically proceed to the sign-up process. If you already have an account, you can go ahead and click ‘Log In’ instead. Inside the app, you can access all the features that you can also see on our website such as the number of your points and your account settings.

Registration packages

Recharge & Get Paid has various registration packages for those who want to earn a higher amount of points for every ad displayed on their mobile screen. These packages will be offered to you after you register for an account. Getting a registration package is completely optional but it can give you a chance to earn x8 points per ad! Check out the available packages below:

  • Basic Package costs N5,000 and lets you earn x2 points per advertisement
  • Bronze Package costs N10,000 and lets you earn x3 points per advertisement
  • Silver Package costs N20,000 and lets you earn x4 points per advertisement
  • Gold Package costs N30,000 and lets you earn x5 points per advertisement
  • Diamond Package costs N40,000 and lets you earn x6 points per advertisement
  • Platinum Package costs N50,000 and lets you earn x7 points per advertisement
  • Executive Platinum Package costs N100,000 and lets you earn x8 points per advertisement.