How It Works

How It Works


Recharge and get paid offers one of the easiest way to make money online in Nigeria today. New members joining the program are called distributors and are placed in a 3×10 forced matrix that allows members to earn a residual income even when they stop working.


(1) Instant Registration Bonus – 20%.

(2) Instant Direct Referral Bonus – 20%.

(3) Instant Indirect Referral Bonus 10% – 1%.


Registration is at six (6) different categories shown below with their various cost;

#Plan Name / CategoriesRegistration Price
1Executive Platinum Member₦100,000
2Platinum Member₦50,000
3Diamond Member₦40,000
4Gold Member₦30,000
5Silver Member₦20,000
6Bronze Member₦10,000
7Basic Member₦5,000


There are different benefits attached to you in selecting your package. Once you registered and you are approved you will see your registration bonus and PV (Point Value)in line with your chosen package.

The Details Are Shown Below:

*After Becoming A Registered Member Of RAGP And To Start Earning Seriously From This Business, You Are Expected To Do Just One Or All These Three Things Daily*

*1)Use the products ( Airtime & Data)*

*2) Sell the products (Airtime & Data)*

*3)Tell people about this opportunity and bring them in.( Earn from all their transaction even while asleep)*

*Now from the explanations above, we can safely say this business is phased into 3*

The choice on which phase to build on DEPENDS on you. But if you desire to make it to the zenith of success in this business, you need to COMBINE the THREE PHASES.

*1. Personal use of RAGP products,…* Airtime & Data. And earning 2% from every airtime you used, 10% on data used as well( ie , buying a private car which is for you and your family alone)

*2. Become a distributor on RAGP products,…* Airtime & Data. Selling to people and making money from them and also from the company, 2% on airtime, 10% on data( ie, becoming a commercial driver)

*3. Referer.* That is, sharing this opportunity with others through our collective team work. (ie running a transportation company).

The last will keep paying down to your 10th generaration. (Every activities happening in your account, your downlines, your downlines downline, down to your generaration of earning, you been paid for it by the company)


*You can start calculating how much that each phase can yield for you in two – three months from today, and which phase has the greatest turn over.*

*1.Basic = N5,000*

*2.Bronze = N10,000*

*3.Silver = N20,000*

*4.Gold = N30,000*

*5.Diamond = N40,000*

*6.Platinum = N50,000*


*The beautiful thing about it is that you can always upgrade your status to whatever level you wish, assuming you registered at the level of bronze package which is N10,000, you can later upgrade to any package of your choice at any time. And as soon as your registration has gone through, you will see your PV (Point Value) level, i.e. your registration bonus, which is 20% of the total registered amount.*

*Another way to earn hugely from this amazingly rewarding business is the accumulation of PVs*

*You ask me what is PV?*

*PV* means *POINT VALUE*

*These are the POINTS that comes with your REGISTRATION PACKAGE and as well your team*

*You will not only earn the Referral or Registration Commissions from your team members, the Point Value attached to the package is also received WHICH will count for you over time*

*When it accumulates to 10K PV… in a month, you will receive N100,000 Leadership Bonus*

*If you do not meet the 10K PV in a month, it will be rolled over to the next month, and as it increases to 25000 PV, you will receive 500K DUBAI TRIP FUND*

*As it increases over to 60K PV again, you’re given 2M small Car Fund.*

*So it keeps accumulating till your 6M Housing Fund*

*We don’t do monthly autoship or targets in RAGP*

*We dont do balancing of legs RAGP*

*We do daily bank withdrawals in RAGP*

*Once you are a registered partner of RAGP, you and the banks, Quickteller,Zoto etc etc are on the same level*