Top payment methods that you should use in 2022

Top payment methods that you should use in 2022

Credit cards have been the most popular way of payment for years, but then the rise of online banking and apps have made life much easier for most people. While the use of credit cards remains the most common form of payment, online banking has started to emerge today.

It is hard for online retailers to operate without the support of credit and debit cards due to their widespread use. However, with the technology we have now, there is no doubt that online payment methods will continue to improve from here on end. It shows how much we benefit from the ease they bring.

The speed and simplicity of transactions allow us to do all of the payments in just a few clicks. Whether you are sitting on your favourite couch or watching your primetime show, the deal can be done without much hassle. That is the big benefit of the online payment methods that we are enjoying right now.

This all comes down to personal preferences. Bank transfers, credit, and debit cards allow you to deposit large funds in one action. You can agree on a spending limit with your card issuer to regulate your activities. Prepaid cards and e-wallets already have a predetermined limit and that is the remaining funds. Recharge & Get Paid gives you some of the best options that you can come up with and enjoy in 2022.


Stripe is a payment gateway provider with a strong focus on technology and development launched in 2011. The company has a total of 4,000 employees in 14 countries and it is used by 90% of online shoppers in the U.S. It has been a big hit as it offers customizable payment solutions at competitive rates.

This has a focus on developer-driven custom payment solutions, which allows its products to grow and scale with companies of all sizes and adapt to their needs. Customers are allowed to build the platform they like or take advantage of Stripe’s native integrations together with its e-commerce platforms.


Paypal was first a digital wallet in 1999 and was soon acquired by eBay in 2002. Since then, it has become one of the most popular and recognised online processes. It is seen as best for online businesses since it gives customers a universal platform that can be used for a payment method with competitive rates

As one of the trusted online payment methods, PayPal has offered its service with an increased checkout conversion by 44%. This made adding PayPal as a payment option simple as users just need to create an account and then pay by PayPal on their website.


Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey created Square in 2009 and opened the door for retailers with a new online payment solution that can be used in smart devices as opposed to bulky and expensive POS hardware. It is one of the best brick and mortar businesses as it lets users accept both in-person and online payments with no setup and startup costs and includes a free mobile card reader.

While Square accepts all major credit cards and other payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, it does not support PayPal since it is one of its competitors. It can still process ACH or electronic check payments and it allows users to accept payments by website, invoice, or over the phone.


Braintree started out as an online payment platform in 20210 and was soon acquired by PayPal in 2013 as it now supports in-store payment and online payments. This is good for a lot of startups since it is an easy to use platform with simple pricing and accepts most of the major payment types.

What this payment method lacks is the new and exciting features that most payment apps have. However, Braintree offers a simple use and features a sleek interface that creates a seamless checkout experience on any website and even integrates with most major e-commerce platforms, invoicing software, analytics apps, and more.


WePay was created in 2008 as a payment platform that relied on a peer to peer group system. It offers an integrated merchant account through Chase Merchant Services with a payment gateway. It is one of the best payment methods for multiple channels since it makes it easy for merchants to handle complex payment requests over a wide variety of online platforms, which is also commended by Recharge & Get Paid.

Just like most payment gateways, WePay also accepts payments from all major credit cards, Chase Pay, and ACH payments and can handle complex payment requests from multiple payers and crowdfunding campaigns. Merchants can easily have their accounts at the ready within just a few minutes.

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