4 major cable TV providers in Nigeria

4 major cable TV providers in Nigeria

4 major cable TV providers in Nigeria

In Nigeria, getting a cable TV can be quite hard due to the expensive fees and limited providers. Over the years, several companies such as HiTv and MiTv have tried to keep up with the competitive Nigerian industry but failed. Today, we now have the Chinese-owned DSTV, GoTv, and Startimes. 

Aside from providing access to various channels, their services come in a variety of packages and pricing too. Some new companies also aim to enter this market. This is why Recharge & Get Paid lists down the top cable TV Services in Nigeria. Take a look at them below:


DSTV is a reputable cable service provider in Nigeria that is owned by the Multichoice company. It has amassed over 2 million active customers in Nigeria alone since its launch in 1995. They have roughly 200 channels available on their system. 

With DSTV, you are guaranteed to get a package for every pocket! Their subscription fees range from N1,850 to N18,400 depending on the package. If you are a new user, you must register first before receiving a satellite dish from the nearest Multichoice office. After that, you can pay your monthly subscription fees through various banks or payment solutions. One of them is the Blue-D website which also ensures that your payment is made on time and allows you to get bonuses and discounts.


Multichoice also owns GoTV, which is based in Africa. GoTv is a terrestrial and digital television service that is satellite-based. This eliminates the need for a satellite dish and installation, making the service more affordable.

The packages are cheaper compared to DSTV ranging between N800 and N3,600. Depending on the plan, you can get access to over 90 channels. For new users, you will get a free month after installation. After that, you will have to pay for a monthly subscription through various payment methods. Just like DSTV, GoTV wants its subscribers to pay via Blue-D since it provides bonuses and discounts.


StarTimes is a cable TV service provider that can serve as an alternative to the first two listed above. It is a prepaid service that is used with a satellite and decoder to view local TV channels and a few international stations. 

You do not have to get a decoder and satellite dish to connect to StarTimes. This is why in Nigeria, Startimes is quite affordable, which also explains its popularity. The subscription fees range from N1000 to N2500 per month.

This cable provider has been providing digital TV solutions since 1988. The company has initially operated only around China but it expanded to the African continent in the hopes of attracting additional subscribers. Currently, StarTimes has over 7 million members to its service in China and Africa.

Kwese TV

Kwese TV is a brand-new DTTV provider in Africa that began operations in the first quarter of 2017. It claims to be the greatest terrestrial service provider currently available. This pay-per-view satellite television service has over 75 channels of local TV stations organized by genres and categories.

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